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Working Hardly: An Irreverent Guide to Incidental Law Student Fitness

Homer Simpson running

Feeling guilty because you haven’t made it to the gym this week? Starting to think that Fruit Ninja may not count as exercise? No need to fret – law student life hides a myriad of incidental fitness activities!

Go Suit Shopping

As good, professional law students we all know that we need at least one decent suit for that internship/clerkship/job regardless of whether said opportunity has materialised or is likely to any time soon. Set a date to go scope out some new threads with a friend. After all, shopping involves a good deal of walking and flexing muscles in that credit card arm.

Own Law Textbooks

Heavy law textbooks + carrying them places = weights training.

Make Notes

Personally, I've heard that etching your notes in stone will burn many calories more than making weak paper notes. If you can’t find a nice piece of granite, typing or handwriting notes is still a good work out for your arms. Frantic scribbling in an exam and intense typing for a last minute assignment are particularly good in the calorie burning stakes.

Throw a Tanty

Law students are frequently stressed, and occasionally this will boil over into a full-blown meltdown. From now on all stress-related rants and tantrums will be guilt-free because I know that I’ve burned at least one packet of pretzels and an iced tea in the process. Clearly in this situation you only get out what you put in so wild gesturing is to be encouraged.

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