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“I’m a law student” – The Three Common Reactions

Three Fingers

In my first year I was bright-eyed and so proud to be a law student. Even my mum bragged about it. When someone asked what I did I would proclaim my law student status with pride. Well, how cute of me. Now in my fourth year, I sometimes avoid saying it, but when I tell someone I’m a law student, I normally get one of these reactions…

Free Legal Advice

It’s not uncommon for a law student to find themselves in a corner at a party being asked for legal advice. It seems like a lot of people at parties have legal issues!

The Debates

In my experience, as soon as you say you are in law everyone has an opinion about a new law or a high profile case and would LOVE to debate it with you.

That Line

This one I think is pretty common, and needs no explanation. “Oh you’re a law student! It would be good to know you in the future just in case I get into trouble.”

Don’t get me wrong; I love discussing the law, but sometimes I think the best people to talk to about being a law student are my fellow law-nerdians (you guys!).

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