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Why some Law Students are Jerks: A Brief and Inept Psychoanalysis

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We are all familiar with the expectation around campus that law students are arrogant, condescending (and incredibly attractive). While most law students break the stereotype, some live up to these expectations of egotism. Today, we delve into the psyche of the law student jerk…

They are Intimidated

Law school can be pretty overwhelming at times, particularly to the newcomer. Remember in first year when some students were boasting about their Year 12 legal studies marks? Maybe it’s because they were intimidated. Whether it’s learning how to read a case or preparing to do your first moot, the jerky law student is often just trying to hide their terror.

They are Passionate

When you’re passionate about something, you want to talk about it. And when you’re good at what you’re passionate about, you’ll want to talk about that too. Sometimes, the jerk will just go on for a little too long, or remind you a little too often of how well they did in Corporations Law. (How anyone could be passionate about corporate law I have no idea).

They like you

What do you do when you want to impress someone? Personally, I tell them I’m employed, but the jerk may instead seek to make the potential friend, partner or associate aware of their academic success and skill in providing solutions to contrived legal scenarios in a strict three-hour period, with 10 minutes reading time.

They’re just a jerk

Sometimes there are no explanations. They simply are a jerk. I understand the researchers are working on answering this important question, but perhaps, just like what a law student would do with free time or why a person can be convicted of inciting but not aiding a failed crime, we will never know.

Take that, Freud.

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