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Law Student Species


After a mass procrastination session spent watching endless animal documentaries, I have come to realise that there are many distinct species of law students. Here are a few you may spot around campus…

Matures Studentia

The mature age law student knows what they want and why they’re here. These types don’t stuff around or slack off. If anyone is going to have read that obscure case that you didn’t even know existed, let alone contemplated reading, it’s these guys.

This species is driven, focused and is one of your best allies. They’ve read not only the required readings, but also quite possibly every single supplementary reading, which makes them the number one choice for group assignment buddies. I’ve had mature age students answer questions my tutor couldn’t even tell me!

Know-itus Allia

The typical know-it-all. This is the student that corrects the professor’s PowerPoints in lectures. This is the kid that informs everyone that a new case was decided one hour before class and as such the law has now changed. This species loves asking inane questions about irrelevant issues that never come up on the exam, just to parade their intelligence. Avoid group assignments with this type – for all the noise they make, there’s usually very little useful information in there.

Overa Achievius

This species has a resume exploding with extra-curricular activities. They’ve competed in moots, volunteered with every possible organisation, run the law students’ society/association, and are in direct competition with you for all the law jobs you apply for. Great.

Leftia Overus

And the others. The majority of law students appear to fall within this species. Wondering why they are here, they do ‘well enough’ and do the bare minimum that’s required. They might show up to class in pyjamas if the mood strikes them. Usually quite friendly and willing to make some jokes in class (of a non-legal nature mind you) this species could end up as high-profile lawyers, or working at the local 7-Eleven – it’s always hard to tell.

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