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Cheesy Law Pick Up Lines

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In the tunnel vision that is a law student life it’s sometimes hard to separate study from social situations. While some maintain this separation with ease, for others, it might be difficult to get out law-mode.

In the search for the ultimate pick up line (which, lets face it, will probably never work in real life) we’ve trawled the Internet and compiled a list of the cheesiest law related pick up lines we could find.

Thanks to Ultra Vires, Greedy Associates and Elliott Lewis for these gems...

I’ll teach you about jurisdiction if we change the venue to my place.

I don’t know if I have standing, but I’d love to court you.

Your body is ultra vires, it’s beyond my power to control myself around you.

A reasonable person would say yes to dinner with me next week.

Stare decisis shouldn’t matter because our love overrules.

My friend over there thinks I would be liable for negligence if I neglected to come over and talk to you.

Hey, check out my briefs.

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