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Seven Deadly Sins – the Law Student Way

Angel and Devil on either side of shoulder

Law school can be a sinful place. Examine your behavior over the past few years and tell us how many of these sins you’re guilty of.

People often joke about badly behaved lawyers, but maybe the root of all evil is law school…


  • The screaming, shouting and tears that accompany the demise of your home printer just 20 minutes before your assignment is due at uni.

  • When you can’t find the notes you need under all the stuff on your desk so you just start throwing everything on the floor.

  • Waiting all semester for class feedback surveys. “Vengeance is mine,” you cackle.


  • Hogging all of the class time by asking tutors meaningless, irrelevant questions.

  • Getting ten clerkship offers and then telling everyone that you only applied to keep your options open and that you’re not sure if you really want one.

  • Your computer has full battery power, but you still plug it in to the only power point in the lecture room.


  • You ask around for other people’s notes and never write your own.

  • You choose your subjects based on the fewest number of contact hours or the lack of final exam.

  • Sleeping instead of studying.


  • Refusing to admit that maybe, just maybe, your tutor knows more than you.

  • Getting an HD… and telling the whole world.

  • Blaming your tutor for your bad marks, and not your poor preparation.


  • When your friend brings a brand new packet of highlighters and a dozen home baked cupcakes to uni.

  • Your inappropriate fantasies about your lecturer, who is 30 years your senior.

  • Spending all class pricing flights to South America for the summer.


  • Your feelings towards the student who managed to get all their classes into two afternoons, while you are at uni every night of the week.

  • The friend who gets an extension on that mega-assignment because their GP agrees that their common cold is actually a ‘recurring chest infection.’

  • The friend whose exam notes are colour-coded and alphabetised.


  • Not returning or constantly renewing in-demand library books during exam period.

  • Eating every kind of take away food during exam period.

  • Stockpiling Red Bull and Mother during 7-Eleven’s Dollar Day.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This story was first published on Survive Law on 28 August 2011.

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