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You know you’re a law student when…


Ever worry that you’ve picked up a few law student quirks in your time at uni? Sure, your non-law friends look at you kind of funny sometimes, but we find it endearing. You know you’re a law student when…

You create a timetable for your holidays.

Your friends’ Facebook profile pictures are shots of them with High Court judges.

Post-it notes aren’t just for textbooks; you even tab the books you read for pleasure.

Someone asks you a question and you can only respond with, “Well, it depends…”

Coffee is your basic food group, unless you’re trying to be healthy… in which case it’s tea.

You go to all your classes for the semester but can’t remember what was said and then re-learn the entire course in three weeks.

Conversations start with, “So I was reading the Currency Act the other day…”

You watch National Treasure and wonder if the Australian Constitution contains clues that will lead you to a cache of jewels and ancient artefacts.

You’re still learning things 5 minutes before the start of the exam.

There’s ALWAYS an exception.

A new study timetable/organisation system is just as comforting as knowing what’s going on.

A suit is an investment.

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