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Summer Blockbusters for Law Students

Film clapper

We’re back at uni but I’m already thinking about holidays. Here are the movies I’d like to see in cinemas next Summer…

The Missing Page

A scholar comes across what is scientifically proven (it doesn’t really matter how – have you seen 2012?) to be the secret final page of the Constitution. It says that people must wear party hats on Tuesdays and watch Murder, She Wrote 2 hours a day (I don’t know how the framers knew that show would be created). We agree to destroy the page and never speak of it again. As a side story, a party hats supplier becomes a billionaire.

Plank in a Shipwreck

Two equitable interest holders engage in a It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World meets Around the World in Eighty Days race around the globe in order to track down the legal interest holder, and hopefully purchase the property from them to secure their interest. A legal thriller, with car chases and explosions. The subject property is a milking stool.

A Reasonable Man

John Smith is reasonable and normal in every way. He is cool, calm and collected. He is so reasonable, in fact, that his wife leaves him with their children. His life spirals out of control and he ends up on the streets where a lovable tramp teaches him what it means to be alive. Our reasonable hero returns to his family, and vows to be no more than the ordinary person.

Honey, I Sued the Kids

I don’t know how this would work out.

The Litigants

An odd couple are joined together in litigation against a multinational company. At the beginning, they hate each other, but eventually they learn to get along and get up to some hilarious antics in the courtroom. Think Twins meets A Few Good Men.

No, No, No

A spiritual successor to Liar Liar, and a complete mangling of Justice Kirby’s life, No, No, No follows the story of a pushover who’s had enough and finally wishes he wasn’t so agreeable. The protagonist’s wish comes true – but a little too true – and he is beset with a curse: he can only ever disagree. Shenanigans ensue as our hero stands up for himself and what he believes in. The film also includes a touching court scene.

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