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A Letter to my Loved Ones

Harry Potter reading a letter

I’m barely back at uni and I can already see that the next twelve weeks will quickly be swallowed up by readings and last-minute assignments, with little time to spare for anything else.

In preparation for this study hibernation, I’ve written a letter to my friends and family explaining why I won’t be emerging from Law Land until November…

Dear Mum, Dad, Siblings, Significant Other, Holiday Fling, Friends, Pets and others,

RE: Absence from any future events or functions until November.

I regret to inform you that I currently lack the time and resources to support your presence in my life. While our relationship is still important to me, unfortunately my bond with Law School is more critical to maintain. As a loved one/a person I like somewhat in my life, I hope you will be supportive of my soon to be hermit like state of living, even if it is only on the premise that one day I might be very rich…

Please don’t be offended when I ignore your calls/messages/Facebook wall posts/Morse Code messages. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you but rather that I am unable to countenance a conversation that is not law related.

I apologise for no longer being able to attend birthday parties, pub-crawls and funerals. It’s not that I enjoy swapping a free bar tab for my textbooks, but rather one extra late night may mean the difference between another day of university or a serious caffeine overdose. However, just remember when you do see me at a function wearing a ridiculous costume and grasping an alcoholic beverage, I am not having a fabulous time without you but am merely “networking” on the perchance that it may land me a job.

I know it may appear to you that that I have plenty of spare time for extra curricular activities and dropping one would mean we could go for a walk or I could give you a compliment, but my three jobs, work experience, research papers, mooting competitions and juggling lessons all show potential employers that I am a diverse, capable and responsible future employee.

Above all, please understand that when you come home “sufficiently hammered” the night before my exam I really do mean it when I say that my knowledge of the law is advanced enough to ensure that I would get away with murdering you…

As soon as I am able to revert back to a normal hygiene regime, contacting you will be back on my agenda. Looking forward to seeing you in a few months.


Your Beloved Law Student.

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