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I haven't seen my Desk Since I Started Law School. And other Law Student Confessions

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From an inability to name our legal leaders, to struggles with readings, I spoke to law students about their deep, dark (and frequently nerdy) secrets.

Here are some confessions from lawyers in the making…

I can't name all seven judges of the High Court.

I didn’t read Donoghue v Stevenson!

I do algebra for fun in my 'free' time because I miss maths.

I hate coffee.

I am addicted to Constitutional Law.

I hoard post-it notes. Okay, I hoard all stationery. Is it possible to be attracted to stationery?

I spend so much time reading legislation that I don't understand modern slang, and often misuse it to my embarrassment.

I don’t even know my lecturer’s name. It’s week 9.

My back is out of alignment because I always use the same arm to carry my textbooks.

I've only read about four judgments from start to finish during my entire law degree.

I stopped taking notes in class because I realised that I never use them.

The only referencing system I actually understand is the AGLC… and I barely understand it.

I freak out when I crease a page in my $150 textbook.

I avoid bottled ginger beer for fear I might find a rotting snail carcass in the bottom.

It takes me at least three days to do a whole reading as I always fall asleep on my textbook.

I’m jealous of non-law students. They have fun assignments. It's all group work and rainbows and sparkles.

I’ve reverted back to packed lunches because I’ve exhausted every menu item at my uni’s café.

Sometimes I think I should be a doctor. Especially when diagnosing myself with a life-threatening illness on Google is so much easier than finding the answer to a legal assignment.

I answered a question with: “it’s in a random statute somewhere.” Turns out that statute was the Constitution. Worse, the relevant section was s51.

Got a confession? Pop us an email to suggest it for our next law student confessions story!

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