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The 5 Law Students You Meet in Your Tutorial

Attending and actually listening and participating through a number of law tutorials in my time, you start to notice a pattern after a while, or rather, certain types of people you meet.

1. The ‘I forgot we had class today’

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Possessing similar characteristics to a ghost, this person is almost never in class. You saw them the first couple of weeks, then came the texts asking “you here?” to which they said “late” before eventually saying “nah”. Come the final exam, they’ll rock up and you’ll be wondering who they even are and what they’ve been doing all semester.

2. The Quiet Achiever

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Similar to a silent observer, the quiet achiever goes about doing their own thing and most importantly, does all this out of the way of other people. During lectures and tutorials, they’ll sit back quietly. Initially, you might mistake their quiet nature to mean they’re the competitive one but after you speak to them you’ll realise they won’t brag about their achievements, and even share their notes with you.

3. The Sleeper

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This person may quite possibly be nocturnal; maybe they’re out saving the world at night (dat you Spiderman?!) They miss bits and pieces during class so in the end, they become known for their disillusioned face when it’s 11:45am and they’ve woken up in an empty lecture theatre, not knowing that the lecture ended half an hour early today.

4. The It’s-all-about-me

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Somehow all class discussions lead back to that one person telling a story where they’ll somehow accidentally bring up the fact they work at a large law firm, have worked on high-profile matters and go to court frequently. They’ll also somehow manage to weave in how they met a high-profile barrister or Judge the other day. Ummm we say fact check.

5. The Competitive One

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Law school is rife with these competitive law students. In the first three years of law school, this person also most likely thinks they’ll be the next Amal Clooney. Come fourth year and beyond, they’re all about clerkships. When you’re lining up to get your assignments back they’ll be the one hovering around asking what marks everyone got. They’re also the one who will refuse to answer your questions about any assignments or course content.

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