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Procrastinating on Instagram is one of my hobbies. The new Screen Time feature on iOS didn't help either - apparently I spend a good few hours on Instagram on average per week. Looking at various fashion blogger's outfits from Paris Fashion Week may be interesting for the first week, but it gets pretty tiring after that. In comes #studygrams. Eye-wateringly beautiful cursive, creative diagrams, colour-coded pristine notes that look straight out of Pinterest make for procrastination-central viewing pleasure.

Here are my fave Instagram study blogs (bonus doggos and treats in some pics), because sometimes looking at how organised some people are might just motivate you to do your own - or if not, it might make you feel better about not doing any by fooling you into thinking that you are.


A desk that is bound to make you feel unproductive, this studygram run by a law student has the perfect study setup - think a Mac monitor, a book stand, buckets of coloured pens and highlighters and perfectly bound study notes. Check out her highlights on her page as well - she does Open Days at law firms, advice and study tips, and upcoming events for law students. Pusheen often makes an appearance in the photos, making for a cute study buddy.


This insta account is run by a first year med student. First year med and she’s already got this studying and note-taking thing down pat. Meanwhile, I’m a fifth year law student who’s still struggling to figure out what the best way is to take notes.


My favourite? Watching the time lapse videos of her note-taking. There is nothing more satisfying. She also does weekly bullet-journaling spreads and mind maps - some even with watercolour paint and pretty pastels.


When people talk about colour-coding, this is what they actually mean. @emmastudiess almost makes me feel bad about not nearly studying as much or being as organised. She has every colour and type of pen you could possibly think of and also has free printable downloads to help you organise your own study!


Another one of those people with script-perfect calligraphy, this account makes me believe that aesthetically pleasing handwritten notes ARE achievable - and that your handwriting does not need to get progressively worse the more you write.

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