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Procrastination is Delicious

Cake with berries on top

Law school taught me how to bake. Some time between constitutional law and contracts I was given a copy of The Art of French Baking and I’ve never looked back.

I figure that if you’re procrastinating by doing something useful, then you’re not procrastinating, even if there are other things that you’re meant to be doing. This might just be an excuse, but it works.

Before law school my cooking prowess involved things from cans or packets. If I was feeling a little fancy, it involved wrapping fish in foil with half a lemon and throwing it in the oven. How things have changed.

I developed this delicious habit of procrastibaking when I should have been doing something else. There’s criminal law homework to do? Well, I’ll get to it, but at this very moment what the world needs is some brioche. There’s a memo that I need to write for tax law? No problem, but before I do that I need to figure out how to make éclairs!

Choux pastry, sablés, Madeleines, tarte tatin, Napoleon slice (with home made puff pastry, mind you)… I usually made them when I should have been doing something else.

Law school also taught me how to cook. I have got to the point where I could organise a 12 course dinner (including palette cleansers) for 12 people and maybe even design you a kids menu. All of this because of law school.

I still found time to do my homework, but I figured that if I was going to procrastinate I could use that time to develop another skill. Plus tax law goes down so much better with flan. However, I still haven’t mastered the art of making a really good brioche.

If you now have a mean craving for cake but don’t have time (because you’ve already procrastinated enough) try making this amazing chocolate cake in a mug. All you’ll need is five minutes, an empty coffee mug and a microwave. You’ve got five minutes, right?

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