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Holiday Activities for the Bored Law Student

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Exams are done and you’re finally on holidays. You’re waking up at midday every day and living the law student dream. But then as the weeks pass by you realise that this routine is actually quite tiresome.

Soon enough, your family/house mates are irritated by your constant presence. You know they’re irritated, because they’ve highlighted the date that you return back to uni on the calendar.

Eventually, you become so bored that you contemplate picking up your constitutional law textbook for some ‘light reading’. So what are a few things that a bored law student can do to stay sane for the last few weeks of the mid-year break?

1. Exercise

We all make ourselves unrealistic promises to hit the gym straight after exams finishes, but seldom find the motivation once we’re recovering from the post-exam slump.

An easy way to start getting into a good exercise routine is taking daily walks. This means that regardless of whether you have a gym membership, you’ll be able to get your body active and into shape while enjoying the outdoors. This routine will not only cure boredom, but also help you to feel more relaxed when the new semester starts. Or in the words of my favourite law student icon, Elle Woods, it will give you endorphins and everyone knows “endorphins make you happy!”

2. Volunteer

If you have a few extra hours in the day, why not start volunteering? Whether it’s at your local community legal centre or helping out a charity once a week, volunteering is a great way to stay in touch with your idealistic side.

3. Non-Law Reading

Why read your constitutional law textbook, when you can actually do some leisure reading? A friend of mine has just started reading Gone with the Wind and is finding it fascinating.

But if after a long semester you cringe at the thought of doing more reading, find a fellow bored law student and watch a movie instead.

4. Cleaning

Just like your promises of getting in shape after exams, you also promised yourself (or possibly your angry mother) that once exams were finished you’d clean your room. If you’re like me and still haven’t made good on that promise, the time is now! After all, you probably won’t have time to clean your room once semester kicks off, so do yourself a big favour and just get cracking; that desk won’t clean itself!

5. Cooking

We all know about procrastibaking, but it seems that once the pressures of exams wear off, so does the urge to head into the kitchen and slap on our MasterChef hats. Cooking is a delicious way to cure boredom and also gives your family/house mates a tasty reward for putting up with you during the semester!

6. Learn a new language

Finally, if you’ve run out of options and still find yourself extremely bored why not start learning a new language? Enrol in a language course, or try a few online tutorials. That way, you’ll be training yourself for the next round of holidays when you’ll be travelling the world!

If none of the above piques your interest, take comfort in the knowledge that the new semester is just around the corner!

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