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Working Hardly: Five Awesome Reasons to be a Judge

Judge Judy

What lies at the end of your law-career rainbow? A Partnership? How about a seat at the bench? Being a judge is like being a rock star of the law. You set the trends, wear the cool clothes and get invited to all the parties.

1. The Uniform

There’s no denying it. Most law students dream about wearing judge’s robes, even if it’s only for fun. Top it off with a wig, and we’re totally in. Is that weird?

And then there’s that sexy hammer of justice: the gavel. Enough legal dramas have taught me that it’s normal for commotions to break out in court and for the judge to bang their gavel and call “ORDER!” Who doesn’t want the chance to do that? Okay, so Australian judges don't actually use gavels, but it's nice to dream.

2. The opportunity to shape the law

We’ve all read judgments that we disagree with. Imagine being a superior court judge and having a chance to set the record straight and influence case law.

3. You get to cite yourself as an authority

This has to be every law student’s essay-writing dream. Well, you know you’ve made it when you can cite yourself approvingly. Like Vincent JA in R v Roussety [2008] VSCA 259: “Perhaps not unsurprisingly, I find my own reasoning in Arundell quite persuasive and am comforted that other members of the Court agree that the decision was correct.” Nice!

4. You never have to make dinner

Major perk. If you’re a superior court judge (and a bad cook) and you play your cards right, you can have a public speaking engagement every night of the week. You’d never have to make dinner ever again.

5. “Your Honour…”

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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