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Lessons from Exam Insomnia Season

Exhausted businessman

“Sleep is for the weak, not you,” a Newcastle Law Revue video told me once. Approaching law exams means extra late night study and bonus sleep-deprivation. In between readings, I’ve found that the wee hours of the morning have provided plenty of interesting discoveries about the world.

Here’s what I’ve learnt during exam-induced insomnia season:

1. There are so many awesome things on the Internet, and you want to see them all.

2. A surprising number of people are awake at 3:30am – just look out your window to see all the lights on around your neighbourhood.

3. Sunrises are really beautiful and happen surprisingly quickly.

4. Birds get up really early. You love the sound of birds!

5. It’s a good time to write poetry and consider living in the Maldives for a year.

‪6. TV commercials after midnight are really weird… and inappropriate for small children.

7. You truly believe anything is possible, from your bright, shining future to aliens.

8. Shop channel is really convincing at 2am.

9. Every law student in the country is awake at 1am, and on Facebook.

10. There are plenty of places that you can go to after midnight to get assignments printed or buy a Splice.

‪11. Sleeping at strange hours means you suddenly make friends in different time zones. Many friends.

12. Sleep. I really want to sleep.

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